Upcycled Sock Cozies

Keep your toddies toasty.

We all have them. Poor old socks. Some without a partner. Some with holes.

But wait before you discard – the usefulness of these foot warmers is not over.

While out trolling our favourite stores we were inspired by on-trend coffee mugs dressed up with cozies. With many threadbare socks in our drawer (mostly heels and toes) or lonely in their single-status we thought that they could be reinvented as heaters too.

Here’s a super-easy way to upcycle some well-worn footwear with a simple cut-and-sew craft to keep your favourite beverage-on-the-go toasty.

  • old, clean socks
  • scissors
  • needle and thread
make it

Pick an old sock.


Slip sock over your vessel of choice leaving about 3/4 inch at the bottom to sew a hem.

We used glass juice bottles (make sure they are heat-resistant). Metal water bottles or mason jars work really well too.


Fold over the remaining sock at the bottom and hem.

A simple blind hem by hand is great, but if you are good at cross-stitching, go for it and create a lovely border.



Take your favourite warm toddy on-the-go.

At the hockey rink. Early morning car commutes. Baby stroller traveller. Boom!

Photos: Ben Loughton


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