Decoupage Calendar

Welcome each new day.

Well – it’s a wonderful new year. Which means time for sparkling calendars, agendas and the like. Nothing like the beginning of an annus mirabilis to inspire a little organization and time keeping.

Years ago we found this French antique perpetual calendar in a salvage shop and it has inspired this DIY take on a desk calendar. There’s something about changing the date each morning that causes a brief pause to acknowledge time passing (in a good way).

Give yourself a day or two to complete this project – it’s not hard to do, but there is some drying time required that will be worth the wait. What’s two days out of 365, anyway?

(Oh and by the way – we originally created this craft for a guest post over at Lemon Thistle – so hop on over there for many more delightful crafty ideas from Colleen.)

Enjoy the happy days ahead!

Photos: Ben Loughton



  • I love this! One of my (many) new year’s resolutions is to practice mindfulness, and having this on my desk would definitely help with that! Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Thanks so much and Happy New Year Lisa!

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