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Our latest project unveiled.

It made total sense that when the time came to look for our get-out-of-the-city “cottage” we veered towards a rural escape. With Graham’s strong agriculture roots and my formative years spent in the sticks, our happy place is made of fields of wheat, rolling hills, cows and horses.

We searched east of Toronto for the perfect setting. I remember the day we found it as our wheels crunched on the gravel drive. Our real estate agent said: “Is this really the kind of place you’d consider?”

It was closer to the road than we’d have liked, it wasn’t as historical as we’d have liked and it wasn’t quite our style (it really had none). But as we gazed at the property that included one hundred acres (much of it designated wetlands teeming with wildlife) overlooking a gorgeous lake vista, less than two hours from the city, we knew this was it.

Photo: Ben Loughton

The old house sits high on a hill and is surrounded by farms and is within walking distance to a small town where the quaint corner store serves up worms for fishing and beer for sipping from the same fridge.

Very handy. Beer and worms can be found at the general store.
Our neighbours, Duke and Cocoa.

The house has four bedrooms which is awesome, but with only a tiny kitchen and a dark living area that doesn’t take advantage of the sweeping views, we acknowledged the potential and made best with the present. For the first years we settled in fluffing the place to make it cozy, and focused on the garden.

Before Construction

In the five years since we discovered our house on the hill, we’ve created amazing memories. But I always hoped that one day, we’d be able to renovate so we could unleash the property’s full potential and make a family homestead, a place for good times for generations to come.

Well, hello to that day.

Demo Day. Photo: Gilbert + Burke

We’ve broken ground on what will be a 1,000 square foot addition of farmhouse fabulousness including a mudroom, kitchen/dining/living area, new family bathroom and master bedroom with en suite. This is beyond exciting.

Off with the old part of the house holding the kitchen and bath.

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Demo Day
Demo Day. Photo: Glibert + Burke

Great progress has been made. We’re now about a month and a half into our four-month project.

The team has braved some extreme cold to get things rocking on the addition.

Excavation. Photo: Gilbert + Burke
Foundation. Photo: Gilbert + Burke
Framing. Photo: Gilbert + Burke
Framing. Photo: Gilbert + Burke

And so it begins. Our next project.

Stay tuned for updates on how our farmhouse revival is taking shape. Next up – the inspiration and plan for our modern country retreat.



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