Three coats of latex porch paint later, this is what you get.
Three coats of latex porch paint later, this is what you get.

Master Class

Fearless painting lessons.

Debbie Travis, one of our dear DIY pioneers, with her love for the stencil, colour blocking and whitewash  gave me the confidence to paint it out. I remember watching her shows and being amazed at the transformations. I even thought her overalls were super cute.

Early Debbie via Women in Overalls.
Early Debbie via Women in Overalls.

Thanks to Debbie I was inspired very early not to fear the paint pots. I’d upcycle garage-sale finds or road-side castaways with painterly enthusiasm. I even dabbled in faux finishes and gold leaf application (with not much success). Before Debbie no one dare paint out wood – even when you didn’t like it.

So, it was with my Debbie DIY angel on my shoulder that we tackled yet another paint job. At our country place, the icky orangish engineered wood floors the previous owner had installed always bothered us. But not ready to make the financial commitment to an overhaul, we needed a Debbie-kind-of-solution.

So yes, we painted out the hallway.

Before: here’s the icky orange-coloured floor.
First we taped out the trim.
Then lightly sanded.
Three coats of latex porch paint later, and this is what you get.
After: much better.
After: ahh, much better.
Photos: Ben Loughton

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  • LOVE IT! What a transformation. And I too used to watch Debbie Travis (and I still wear a pair of overalls from my high school days when I paint!).

  • Jennifer LeBlanc says:

    Hi Cynthia! The floor looks great. Are engineered wood floors the same as laminate? If so…whoo hoo Chloe will be so happy. Thanks!

    • Hi Jennifer,

      Sorry I missed your question when it first came in. Engineered wood floors are different – the top layer is real wood, whereas a laminate is totally faux.

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