Mint Julep

Mint taking over the garden?

I was warned. Don’t plant mint in the garden because it will invade everything. I ignored the advice. What harm could a little plant do? ¬†And now we have mint growing everywhere. What to do when life gives you too much mint? Make Juleps of course.

The key I’m told to this classic warm-weather libation is crushed ice and lots of it. The colder the better to this simple sipper. And sip you should because there’s not much more in the frosted glass than some bourbon or Tennessee Whiskey and green leaves. Perfect.

Making a Mint Julep
Take a bunch of mint leaves. Muddle gently (to release the fragrant oil) with about two teaspoons of simple syrup or a few sugar cubes.
Add lots of crushed ice.
Bring on the bourbon (or whiskey) – a few ounces or so, to taste.
Give it a good stir.

Photos: Ben Loughton


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