Welcome home hobbyists

It’s a calling that sometimes borders on obsession.

Some people throw a fastball, or play the violin, or sing (I wish I could) – but my fun, my creative outlet, my hobby is making spaces look beautiful.  It’s a calling that sometimes borders on obsession – just ask my husband, Graham.  (“Oh yes, I like that blue Ikat pillow much better than the other ten ones we have,” he’ll patiently say.)

Even though I’ve been able to turn my passion into a profession and help others make their homes lovely through my design business, I’m really a recreational decorator, a home design hobbyist at heart. I style for pleasure, for the love of doing of it.

For as long as I can remember I’ve been moving things around my homes, painting rooms on a whim, upcycling furniture hand-me-downs and looking for road-side castaways. My eyes dance around, always dreaming about how to make a space look better.

I know there are a lot of you out there like me.

Don’t you…

  • swoon with your heart racing at the stunning images you see in design blogs and magazines and think when will I ever have the time or money to do that to my space
  • want to live in your favourite decor shop because it is so darn gorgeous (and smells so good)
  • hope that everyone will go away on that late-summer afternoon so you can curl up in peace with the new IKEA catalogue that finally arrived?

So, here I am today writing my first blog post to my kindred spirits.  There are so many of you amazing decor enthusiasts out there inspiring me, I have to admit I’m a bit daunted and in awe of the company.  But you have so generously invited me into your homes, I’m delighted to welcome you into mine.

Live beautifully,





  • Ruth and Arthur says:

    Blown Away!

    A & R .You know who we are. XX

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