The Hunt: Tiki warrior

Once a shopper, always a shopper.

One of the many reasons I love my husband so much is that he likes to shop as much as I do.

Graham, circa 1995

We’ve been together since 1995 and certainly our retail destinations and purchase priorities have changed since those club-going days when we were young(er), urban professionals with no chattels to speak of.

Cynthia, circa 1995
Cynthia, circa 1995

Now, with three active (expensive) children, a mortgage and the realities of the economy around us, our shopping profile has certainly evolved.

Ben, Ruby, Theo

But once a shopper, always a shopper.

One of the common interests that brought us together and continues to make us happy is treasure-troving.  Before Pickers and Storage Wars, Graham and I were the early-scroungers.  We went to antique sales, auctions, garage sales, estate sales and the side of the road on garbage day – anywhere we could unearth inexpensive gems that would be dusted off and adoringly find place in our home.

So it didn’t surprise me the other night when Graham came home with a treat for me. While dutifully fulfilling his commitment to take Ben to his Friday night hockey practice, which dramatically cuts into his end-of-week happy hour, my saint-of-a-husband ducked out to a close-by Variety Village thrift store for a shopping fix.



After all these years, Graham can channel me when he goes out hunting and gathering.  He knows what trinkets appeal to me, what colours are best, how to draw the line between tacky and tasteful, so I’m always thrilled with what he retrieves.  And this little Tiki-inspired green ceramic vessel didn’t disappoint.

At first, I thought this was a vase, but with some research I discovered that it’s a mug.  My kind of size beverage for sure!

On this cold January day, my warrior creature is a very welcome addition to our collection.




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  • Great shots, of the tiki warrior, the kids (don’t they look amused! haha) and especially you guys circa almost-20 years ago. Nice glasses Graham!


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