Sweater Rooms

Keep warm as you turn down the heat to support the cause.

On February 6, WWF (client) is asking us all to lower our thermostats and wear a sweater in support of energy conservation. National Sweater Day is a symbolic gesture to remind us all how we can make choices to live more harmoniously with our planet.

In addition to rocking your favourite sweater, here are some other ways to stay warm when you turn down the heat.

Snuggle with your favourite furry friend.
Source: Planete Deco


Wear some sweater socks.
Source: We Heart It


Drink something hot.
Source: Hummingbird006


 Stay under the covers.
Source: Still Inspiration
Source: Still Inspiration


 Put on a fire.
Source: Interiors Paradise


Share some wine with a friend.
Source: Planete Deco


Close the windows.
Source: Decouvir Design
Source: Decouvir Design


 Go for a skate.
Source: Planete Deco


Sit in a sweater chair.
Source: Crib Candy


Let in the light.
Source: Still Inspiration


Feature image: Still Inspiration


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