Timothy Oulton’s cozy arrival

Back to school also means back to the nest. We now can shop this British leather and lush lifestyle brand.

Back to school also means back to the nest. Even though we know there are many more balmy days ahead, it’s like a warming switch that goes off inside me when the almost-fall routine begins. New pens, pencils, books, clothes for the children and renewed thoughts of home feathering for me. All those redecorating ideas that were put on the back burner because it was just too nice outside start to creep back into my thoughts.

So yes, there is a  new home improvement project on the horizon.

It makes sense to use every inch of our small space more wisely.  To this end we want to redo our lovely living room, one of the largest rooms in our space, and take it from a bit too special-occasion-pretty to more of a put-your-feet-up-and-drink-scotch family room. The master plan is install custom bookshelves and TV, get the fireplace working and switch out some of the furniture to create a welcoming place for the five of us to comfortably hang together.


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The timing of the recent opening of Timothy Oulton in Canada is perfect. Previously found only in design hotspots like Singapore, London and Moscow, we now can shop this British leather and lush lifestyle brand at UpCountry in Toronto (as well at locations in Montreal and Victoria). The UpCountry retail space  is made of exposed brick and concrete floors features a 2700 square feet display of Timothy Oulton’s premium handcrafted furniture collections.

A bit Ralph Lauren, meets a glam Officer’s army tent, meets the Queen – I love this lived-in look that oozes comfort, good style and breeding. Hello inspiration.



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