Informal Florals

Give me a bunch of wild flowers and everyday garden blooms and I'm happy.

We’re hearing more about informal flower arranging (I’m calling it the anti-arrangement) which I adore. Instead of a staid traditional composition with lots of filler and exotics, give me a bunch of wild flowers and everyday garden blooms and I’m happy.

I’ve always loved non-formal arrangements that are much more in-keeping with a natural, authentic look. I’ll take whatever we have that is seasonal – be it herbs, shrub cuttings, garden plants, grasses (and what some may even consider weeds) to create a timely arrangement that is budget-friendly.


(First two photos: Martha Stewart, third photo: Style at Home)

I think one of the more simple and cost-effective ways to lift a space is to bring in fresh florals – so learning to work with what you’ve got helps to make sure you can bring more loveliness to your home.

It’s even more amazing if the flowers are from your own garden. You don’t need much to create a lovely piece. Early in the spring, we scattered some wild flower seed mix and seeded some traditional garden staples like Cosmos and Zinnias. And now in late August, our patience is paying off with a riot of colourful blooms.


Flowers from our cutting garden.


Here are some beautiful, free-style arrangements for inspiration.






Martha Stewart, Queen of Florals,  deconstructs a casual arrangement at the Little Flower School.






Next time you want to some flowers, go to your garden, pick what you have and play around. You can’t go wrong with nature as your inspiration.

Live beautifully,



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