Aperol Spritz

The original skinny drink.
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When we are in the country, high on the hill with the warm breeze on our face, eyes closed – our imagination transports us to some Italian resort overlooking the rocky coast. An aperitif or two before a dinner of fresh seafood, pasta, olives and crusty bread.

How deliciously romantic.

To get that Amalfi Coast feeling at home, how about a classic Italian Aperol for your  pre-dinner sip?  Aperol made its debut in 1919 at the International Fair of Padua and its bittersweet taste quickly became an Italian favourite.


Photo: Aperol

Gotta love a drink that keeps me thin


According to Aperol:

In  the thirties a print ad campaign dedicated to women is published in major newspapers.

Aperol is presented as the liqueur for the fitness conscious, keeping them lean and fit thanks to its low alcohol content.



Here’s a recipe for one of the traditional ways to serve up Aperol.

Aperol Spritz

3 parts Prosecco (we used Cava because that’s what we had)
2 parts Aperol
1 splash of soda
Ice, half a slice of orange



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