Wild red currant parfaits

A patch of wild red currants found in the woods inspired a yummy dessert.

That’s right.

When Graham and Theo were clearing some fallen trees from the country property, they came across a patch of wild red currants in the woods.





Once we were assured that these little red orbs were safe to eat, Theo took claim to picking a bowl-full, no doubt wishing that some sort of yummy dessert would follow.




Washed and in a sauce pan with about a cup of sugar, we gently simmered the berries until they let down to a jam consistency. Then add a good measure of vanilla. (You could also use strawberries, raspberries, blackberries – whatever you have.)




Drizzle over some vanilla ice cream or yoghurt (which is what we had in the fridge) and enjoy.




Live beautifully,


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