Garden-fresh bean salad

This is even better if you've just pulled them from the garden.

Do remember growing beans in school?

The uncomplicated, independent and immediate-gratification queen of seeds. In clear plastic or styrofoam cups, cuddled with moist paper towels, sunning on the window ledge, they’d be beanstalks in no time.

So when looking for things to grow in our country garden, beans topped the list.

Ruby planted a purple variety in May and now they are ready.


Our crop of purple beans.


One of the more delicious summer meals is a simple salad towering with on-hand ingredients – even better if you’ve just pulled them from the garden. Add a few hunks of fresh bread and old cheddar, white wine and a cool breeze on the deck and life is lovely.


We took
Farm fresh. Moments after picking the beans, we blanched them in some boiling water for a few minutes. It turns their colour from purple to green.


Immersing the beans in an ice bath keeps them crisp and crunchy in the salad.


Perfect partners for the beans – onions, thyme and oregano from the garden.


Boil some eggs.


To build the salad, lay out some baby leafy greens, pile on sliced boiled potatoes, garden beans, some left-over roasted potatoes, capers, onions and fresh herbs. Drizzle with a simple balsamic vinaigrette.


The key to building a salad meal is to add in a bunch of great ingredients and keep adding more. Use whatever you have and experiment. To this bean salad we could also add tuna, olives, some parmesan.  No fresh beans? Use chick peas. No potatoes? Use croutons. Mix it up and enjoy.

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  • Any chance you’re inviting the McManus crew over for dinner sometime? :) This looks delicious! I love your inspiration to mix it up. Sometimes I find our favourite meals are the ones we’ve improvised with whatever is on hand. So true!

    • You are welcome anytime!

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