Sunshine in a glass.

In typical Canadian style, spring teases us. One day bright and warm, one day gloomy with snow.


Never mind.

The perfect antidote to weather dichotomy is only a few ingredients away. It’s easy to get your sunshine in a glass.


We discovered Bourbonade last summer when my dear friend Sandy took me to the season’s it spot, Grand Electric, a happening, taco and bourbon-inspired eatery in Toronto.

Along with sampling the delicious nibbles, Sandy and I tested out a number of libations. Among them, our new summer classic drink was discovered… bourbon and lemonade.

Its simplicity and sweet and sour deliciousness immediately made it one of our favourite country cocktails at the farm. Perfect after weeding the garden on a hot summer’s day. Best of all, it’s very rapidly prepared so your grown-up thirst quencher is only seconds away.


-Fill a tumbler with ice

-Add a shot or so of bourbon/whiskey

-Top up with the lemonade of your choice

-Garnish with lemon/lime slices and mint


Go ahead, have one today. It’ll make you feel like summer’s here.






  • Definitely trying this out this summer. I think it will be right up there with one of Ryan’s and my favourite summer drinks – panaché – half beer (Keith’s or Moosehead works well), and half lemonade. Try it if you get a chance!

    • I’m going to add that to the Country Cocktail list for sure and test it out. Sounds perfect for a hot day. Thanks for the suggestion.

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