Bedrooms for sweet dreams, etc.

I recently entered the Bedroom Retreat Contest on Apartment Therapy (you may have heard my pleas for votes). It got me thinking.

I recently entered the Bedroom Retreat Contest on Apartment Therapy (you may have heard my pleas for votes). I’ve submitted images of our master bedroom and the accompanying background information describing how we created our little slumber oasis.

It got me thinking.

Bedrooms are oftentimes overlooked or last-in-line rooms to renovate. We indulge in our personal luxury after everything else is done.

Another reason may be that despite one of its obvious uses, bedrooms aren’t always that sexy to decorate. Unless you have the amazing good luck of a spectacular boudoir with dazzling architectural features or views, mostly, bedrooms are boxy spaces in need of design creativity to transform them into the place of sweet dreams and many other good things (storage, sick bay, media room, reading spot, talking-with-your girlfriend getaway, computer lab, den of the tigress, and so on).

So, don’t wait too long to rock your hard-working bedroom. Here are some words of inspiration from my Apartment Therapy bedroom contest submission (more bedroom images follow – just to make you lust).


What do you love about your bedroom?

I love that our bedroom is a calm retreat in a sea of constant excitement.

With three young children, jobs, and lots on the go, my husband Graham and I wanted to create a sanctuary. For us, that meant a soft palette of whites and greys, a comfortable splurge bed that’s big enough for the whole family to snuggle in, a statement piece of art, over-scaled lighting, and fabulous storage.




What are your tips for creating a beautiful, healthy and organized bedroom?

Most of us don’t have Million Dollar Rooms for bedrooms, so we have to make good design choices to maximize our spaces and make them lovely.

Everything in its place. The key to a gorgeous bedroom retreat is removing visual clutter and squeezing in as much storage as possible. With only one small closet, we decided to steal some space from the room and create a built-in storage wall. It does triple-duty to hold clothes, the TV and books/magazines. (Thank you Rick Baker, our contractor from Woodfield Renovations for the idea.)

Embrace your quirky spatial features. The cove-sloped ceilings are tricky – where does one colour end and another begin? So we painted everything the same warm white and then put in some simple molding to create a border for some happy wallpaper. Just the right pop.

Make the bed your Queen or King. While we do lots of things in here, sleeping is still the primary function. So, buy the best-quality cotton sheets you can (white is always best) and invest in a great bed in the biggest size that fits in your space. Sweet dreams.




In modern homes, bedrooms have become more than just a place to sleep; they can be a retreat, a home office, a library, a relaxation zone. What are some ways you make the most of your bedroom?

We moved from a house double the size of the home we are in now so we had to maximize every inch of space. Our multi-purpose bedroom is no exception.

A quiet place to read. Oversized lamps add design punch and provide great lighting to catch up on your décor magazines. End tables with drawers are good extra storage and a stable spot for a glass of wine or morning coffee.

Boutique hotel escape. Nothing like a slick, wall-mounted TV to make you feel like you’re staying in a hotel suite. When you need some me-time, sneak away and watch your fav reality programs. Or, as a before-bed-treat, the kids pile on the bed in PJs and watch TV.

Bedroom work. It doesn’t feel like work when you’re in bed. Lean up against the handsome padded, headboard and catch up on those emails on your laptop.



Here are some lovely bedroom images I’ve gathered for your inspiration – swoon away.


Photo credits for this post: my bedroom (Per Kristiansen), gallery photos (as indicated) with last five (Lonny).

Live beautifully,




  • That’s it – you’ve inspired me to do our bedroom the way we want to have it done. Starting with black out blinds so I can take down the blue camouflage sheet I’ve draped over our cheap-came-with-the-house roller blinds in an attempt to block out the street light. A visit to Tonic Living is in order I think. Good luck with the bedroom contest!

    • Go for it Lisa! Thanks for the best wishes.

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