Recreational Decorator

Design & Decor

Houzz & Home Trends

Nobody is neutral on the neutral kitchen when it comes to redecorating.

Sweater Rooms

Keep warm as you turn down the heat to support the cause.

Stylish Super Bowl-Watching

You can watch the game, have your beer and nachos and sit pretty in these Super Bowl-ready TV rooms.

Recreational Chef

Food & Drink
Making Poutine

Homemade Poutine

No recipe, just memories of how it tastes, help us create our own version of this iconic Canadian comfort food.


Sunny Spanish Brunch

As we are still in hard-core winter I think this Spanish-inspired brunch is a welcome bright delight.

Recreational Gardener

Florals & Farm

The Hollyhocks are out

Drive along a rural road and you’ll see them tight up against barns and homes like icing on a cake.


Informal Florals

Instead of a staid traditional composition with lots of filler and exotics, give me a bunch of wild flowers and everyday garden blooms and I’m happy.